Design Culture Now

Tl;dr: Designed a typographic poster system.
Dates: August 2016 - September 2016
Team: Scott Dombkowski
Work Type: academic

In the first project of our MA Studio I: Visual Communication Fundamentals course, we each designed a typographic poster system “using gradually increasing variables to compose effective posters in two dimensions, focusing on the relationship between composition and meaning, through type spacing, weight, variants, color, size and arrangement”. We were given the content to use within our system. We completed this assignment in five stages.

  • 1st Stage: Rough sketches
  • 2nd Stage: Black/white tabloid posters made in Illustrator created with variation in only type weight and size
  • 3rd Stage: Color tabloid posters made in Illustrator
  • 4th Stage: Tabloid poster made in Illustrator with no restrictions
  • 5th Stage: Tabloid poster, 18"x24" poster, 5.5"x8.5" poster, and static web graphic

Final Tabloid Poster

Final Poster System