in reverse chronological order

Master of Design Thesis

Ongoing thesis on conversational symbiosis amongst humans and artificial agents in the context of intimate relationships

Amazon First-Time User Experience

First-time user experience for a new internal tool that demonstrates value, reduces a user's learning curve, and converts new users into regular users


Intelligent mentorship platform that connects students with mentors to bridge the gap between academia and industry, facilitates learning, and encourages lasting human to human relationships

Dinosaur Passage

Dynamic and evolving experience that allows for deeper understanding, interaction, and connection at natural history museums

The influence of neighborhood characteristics on property sales

Data visualization that faciliates the discovery of correlations between a neighborhood's characteristics and property sales

Cybernetics and Conversational Interfaces

Paper employing cybernetic frameworks and historical conversational interfaces to examine and propose approaches to contemporary conversational interfaces


Parking system that makes the abundance of parking information more manageable for drivers and residents


Interface that encourages habit change by disrupting consumer behavior


Tangible interface that dispenses goodwill and a sense of belonging

The US-Mexico Wall

Video communicating the current situation at the US-Mexico border


Intervention bringing news readers a broader range of opinions and perspectives

Tactile Grounds

Object for the "active seeing" of the ground, your movement, and their interplay

Who's On First

Platform that improves how Who's On First is presented to the world and makes it more accessible to a wider range of users


Medium that simultaneously mirrors the non-linearity of in-person conversations while leveraging the surveyability of digital conversations to maximize understanding

Asthma Connect

Service that supports the transition of children (4-10 years) from parental management to self-management in their asthma care


Task manager mobile app for busy teachers, social workers, and school administrators

Exploration into Community and Typography

Responsive kinetic typography piece that combines SVGs, a Javascript animation library (Anime.js), and a Javascript tracking library

Voronoi Parking Garage

System that assists people with finding the best available parking space for their needs

In The Know

Multi-modal promotional kit that combines physical and virtual elements to increase HPV awareness


After Effects video that explains scarcity as a design concept

Pew Research

Long-form PDF document created in InDesign and a website version of that PDF

Design Culture Now

Typographic poster system


Anonymous context specific question and answer mobile app


Anonymous mobile app for the spoken word and sounds of life


Ticketing and customer line management service for bars and nightclubs

Splunk Dashboards

Collaboration with teams to create real-time big data dashboards using a machine-generated big data tool

Splunk Capacity Models

Collaboration with teams to create real-time capacity models using a machine-generated big data tool


Selection of Videos


Platform that utilizes automated telephone calls and speech recognition technology to acquire large disparate data sets

Conscious Q

Platform that provides users with current information on queue lengths and wait times